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Jacket Cold Storage

Jacket Cold Storage

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Cold Storage Suits, meticulously crafted from waterproof polyester material featuring inner woolen felt insulation lining. These suits boast a heavy three-layer taffeta lining, with all basic materials rigorously tested for safety.

Each Cold Storage Suit comprises a jacket, hood, trouser, and gloves, and is also available in a convenient coverall type (one-piece). Engineered to withstand temperatures ranging from -25°C to -30°C, these suits are designed to provide optimal protection.

Applications of our Cold Storage Suits are vast, primarily worn in cold storage or frozen food processing units. Wind and tear-resistant, they offer unparalleled protection against harsh weather conditions.

Ideal for various industries, including walk-in coolers, dairy and frozen food processing, produce rooms, meat and poultry lockers, temperature-controlled loading docks, cooler areas, floral warehouses, and wherever insulated thermal clothing is essential.

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