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Heat Resistant Gloves | Gloves for Heat Resistant | Heat Resistant Safety Gloves | Kevlar Gloves (Yellow, 14-inch)

Heat Resistant Gloves | Gloves for Heat Resistant | Heat Resistant Safety Gloves | Kevlar Gloves (Yellow, 14-inch)

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Introducing our Full Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves – Your Ultimate Defense Against High-Temperature Hazards

Are you in search of top-quality, reliable hand protection for your high-heat job applications? Look no further! Our Full Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves are the perfect choice, providing superior protection and performance in demanding environments. Designed with your safety in mind, these gloves combine the power of Kevlar with advanced features to keep your hands secure while working in extreme conditions.

Key Features:

Full Kevlar Material: Crafted from heavy-duty 22 oz (745 gsm) para-aramid fabric, our gloves are made entirely from Kevlar, renowned for its exceptional heat and cut resistance.

Cut Resistant: These gloves double as cut-resistant gloves, ensuring your hands remain safeguarded against cutting hazards, providing you with unmatched protection.

Fully Lined & Kevlar Stitched: With proper woollen lining and Kevlar thread stitching, these gloves offer maximum durability and reliability.

750 Degree Temperature Rating: These gloves are engineered to work seamlessly in temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius, making them ideal for high-heat applications.

Versatile Application: Perfect for handling crucibles, tongs, and various furnace accessories and hand tools. They are also suitable for job applications involving heat, sparks, and open flames.

Flame Retardant Kevlar Thread Stitching: Advanced heat and cold resistance are ensured with the flame retardant Kevlar thread stitching.

High Abrasion Resistance: Reinforced with a composite filament fiber, our heavyweight knit work gloves offer increased cut and wear resistance, ensuring durability in demanding situations.

Certified Safety: Our gloves meet rigorous safety standards and have been tested and certified to UNE-EN 420: 2004 + A1:2010 + ERRATUM:2011, UNE-EN 388:2004 (for abrasion & tear resistance), UNE-EN 407:2005 (UNE-EN ISO 6941:2004, Method B for burning behavior and contact heat testing at 500°C), and UNE-EN 12477:2002 + A1:2005 (UNE 702:1996).

Whether you're working in a high-heat industrial setting, handling hot materials, or need dependable cut-resistant gloves, our Full Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves are the ultimate choice. These gloves provide excellent comfort, dexterity, and fit, making them versatile and perfect for various applications, including kitchen use, metal fabrication, automotive assembly, sheet metal work, and more.

Invest in your safety and performance today with our Full Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves. Don't compromise on quality and protection – choose the gloves trusted by professionals in the most challenging environments. Stay safe, stay productive, and stay confident with our exceptional heat-resistant gloves!

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